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It's been so long, I think I've forgotten how to make a real post.

But I am prepping to take a redeye flight (12:15 AM, arriving in MN 5:50 AM) to visit [personal profile] tallian  and [personal profile] ezagaaikwe  and [personal profile] belmikey and all youse guys who'll be at Writercon in the midst of my vacation.  I thought I really should bestir meself, especially as I won't even be able to read my flist or comment for over a week except for the barest occasional skimming.

[personal profile] tallian  and I will be Writercon airport greeters for the 1-3 PM shift on Thursday - we'll stay on a bit later too and aid [personal profile] amaresu , the greeter scheduled after us.  We should have smiley face stickers on our bodies somewhere visible, as an attractant for attendees who'd like to be greeted and aided in finding their way around.  ([personal profile] tallian  is really the helpful one here, being a native.)  Is anyone on my flist arriving during that time period?

I had a whole thing to post the other day, but was too lazy and sweaty to bother, about my sister getting us lost (twice!) Saturday, on the way back from watching my little niece perform in a musical, driving me around in the hot sun for an hour needing to pee ... the story ended with ice cream and bacon.  It was a good story, mainly because of the ending.  But also, my niece plans to be a singing scientist when she grows up, and that's even better than ice cream and bacon.  w00t!

Going to go finish up my packing.  I hope the airport doesn't lose my one little suitcase!

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