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A Boy's Own Genre, or Not

A very funny, scathing takedown of misogynists who wail that women are ruining science fiction.
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Artist Yuken Teruya transforms McDonalds bags into stunning paper trees

Teruya cuts one side of the disposable paper bags and then uses tiny scissors to shape the cut-out part into a tree, folding it down so that, when you look inside the bag, it creates a diorama. The colors on the exterior of the bag pop against the blank interior, and the light that shines inside allows the paper tree to cast the same sort of dappled shadows that a real tree would.

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Awesomeness from Wondermark!

And to go along with the chart below, have a FICTION GENERATOR BUTTON.

The generator weighs four thousand pounds and writes six hundred books a year.

(Pic contains both original hovertext & link to Wondermark site.)

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Check out this Morbid Anatomy blog entry: "Dormitorium: Film Decors by the Quay Brothers" Exhibition, Parsons, NYC

See the full Flickr set here.
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Coffee may reverse Alzheimer's

Yessss!  ::brews another pot::

As long as those brain cells keep firing on all most cylinders, who needs sleep? 

I understand the older you get, the less you need - and as long as I'll be awake anyway, I want to keep my overcaffeinated wits about me right up to the end!