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In case anyone's missed it ...

Delicious is vanishing & taking all your bookmarks with it. Link tells you how to save your bookmarks in a file & also export to your browser.

More help: for this project, you may need to turn on file extensions so you can rename the file from .htm to .html...
How to show file extensions in Windows
How to change a file extension in Windows

After that, you might want to try exporting the bookmarks to Diigo ... I'm still waiting to find out if that was successful. Diigo is of course overloaded with import requests at the moment and says they'll send email notification once the import is successfully completed.

Importing Delicious bookmarks to Diigo

And you know? Yahoo did not even bother to officially notify any of its Delicious users of this. I've been adding bookmarks to Delicious almost daily for several years now and had literally thousands saved there - and I only discovered it was all about to vanish on me by accident - I fortunately caught a tweet about it. That is the part that infuriates me. Yahoo bought up Delicious, decided to dump it, and okay, they can do that ... but they didn't care to inform any of the service's users of this decision. That is despicable and infuriating. Grrr Arrrgh!

ETA: It looks like Delicious will stick around ... hopefully without losing any bookmarks ... just not with Yahoo.

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