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  • Had appointment with Lesley (my hairstylist) today - she was shocked - and thrilled of course - that I asked her to trim a whopping three inches. I blame it on damage from the vicious hair-eating purse.

  • When I pointed to a Latisse advert in People magazine and told her "This really works," Lesley exclaimed "I KNEW IT!! While shampooing I couldn't take my eyes off your lashes - I want that stuff!" ... I only wish they'd come out with something I could smear on my legs and in a month or so have them looking like Brooke Shields' ...

  • Sister & her BFF gifted me with a tank top that says "Excuse me, could you give me a hand...or at least a couple of fingers?" Apparently they had gone "specialty" shopping and couldn't resist. Sister claims I must wear it around the house but I don't think it would go over very well with our mother (actually, I'd probably be asked to explain what it meant. Augh!).

  • I'm starting to itch to get back to bellydance classes. I temporarily quit and went on hiatus - being inordinately sleep-deprived and swamped with projects I have no energy for, it was losing appeal - becoming another thing I "had" to do that ate up energy. It's been, hmm, perhaps a month ... and I really don't want to lose muscle memory. The teacher and co-students are sending messages that I am missed, which makes me want to return even more. Maybe another week?

    And [personal profile] ezagaaikwe bought me a gorgeous hip scarf at Writercon for a late birthday present - it needs using!

  • Also, Twitter is still upeffed. Frown.

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